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September 29, 2022


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Farewell for now

By Betty J. Ramsey While COVID-19 is a global pandemic, the impact locally has been intensely felt. In the past few weeks, every business in ... Read more

A fantastic outreach

In trying and uncertain times like these, it is always great to hear about people who are doing amazing things. Local resident Susette Goff, as ... Read more

A message to York County

Here we are, the first weeks of spring, and our beautiful county is mostly shut down. We all understand why — we are trying to ... Read more

Community health above all else

It’s been a long week, with the growing COVID-19 concerns taking over most people’s thoughts, actions, work life and perhaps even personal life. And while ... Read more

Community comes together, again

We continue to be impressed with the way this community pulls together in hard times. Just last month, a fire at the Grafton school complex ... Read more

Protect yourself

With our world being connected more than ever before, information about new diseases and outbreaks can spread even faster than the diseases themselves, leading to ... Read more

Hold tight through changes

More changes are coming for some of the area’s middle and high school students, and it’s guaranteed that not everybody will be happy. After the ... Read more

Woman’s Club deserves plaudits

Among the many great organizations doing work here in our community, the Yorktown Woman’s Club stands out. The club’s February Art Show is a tradition ... Read more

Check out the Fifes and Drums

It seems that no event locally would be complete without “The Face of Yorktown.” That’s what the Fifes and Drums of York Town call themselves, ... Read more

‘Yorfton’ and ‘Tafton’ setting great examples

When the fire at the Grafton school complex was originally reported and it was determined the building would be unusable for quite some time, it ... Read more

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